Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Waiting your turn. . .

The other day on the way to work I had to stop for a red light.  Only the red light wasn't working.  It wasn't even blinking.  Something had caused a power outage on that road and none of the lights were working.
But amazingly, all the drivers on that four-lane intersection were able to proceed without a problem.
We had learned to take turns. 

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The photo above is what you'd expect, right?  But no. 

This assortment of drivers, some on their way to work, some on work missions, some no doubt visiting loved ones, some just going shopping. . .we all drew on something we learned as a preschooler.
We take turns.

It was an amazing experience.
Each car inched up to the line and waited its turn before proceeding.  It was orderly and civilized, something totally unexpected in a world gone crazy with violence and me-ism.
When it was my turn, I moved my car to the line, watched the cars to my front, left, and right, and then pressed the gas at the appropriate moment.

There was no road rage, no speeding, no jumping ahead.  Everyone waited their turn.
Just like in school at the water fountain or in the lunch line.

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Maybe there is hope for this world after all, if everyone still can learn to wait their turn.

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What about you?
Have you witnessed anyone waiting their turn lately?