Thursday, August 7, 2014

Three Crazy Thrifters

Our local Goodwill store is our go-to place for thrifting and junking these days. 

 Sometimes we crash their store--my mother, my two sisters, my niece, my daughter, and me.  This trip it was just baby sister, daughter, and me.

But I'm afraid they may have mixed feelings about us being there.

Left to right:  My silly daughter Natalie, my beautiful sister Brenda, and me!

World's smallest cheese grater.  Who could resist?  Everybody but me, apparently.

The Three Thrifters

Such craziness.

I wonder if John knows his platter is here at the Goodwill?

We do support them financially in addition to helping them clear out inventory.
And we even contribute to their stash of goodies at times, especially after garage sales.

But we are so loud and goofy they probably cringe when they see us coming.  

I can't imagine why.  Can you?

Happy Junkin'!