Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crepe Myrtle Fireworks!

I never paid much attention to crepe myrtle trees until this summer when I noticed that they resemble fireworks!

Image from here

Especially the white ones!

Image from here

So as I drove around Tyler one day I thought I would snap a few pictures.  I didn't realize how many people and businesses have crepe myrtles planted.

They are easy to grow because we have one on our property that we never pay any attention to, and it flourishes.

The only attention it needs is a trim now and then because new branches/trunks continue to grow out of the ground.
If you want your plant to be a tree instead of a bush, you have to trim those bottom outshoots.  You can tell ours hasn't been trimmed often enough!

Crepe myrtles come in white, pink, purple, and lavender.  I'm wanting a white one now since I noticed how much they look like fireworks when the tree is blooming.  Hopefully I won't forget to get one for fall planting!

An afterthought:  maybe the reason I never paid much attention has to do with their name.  "Crepe" reminds me of old crepey skin, 
and "myrtle" reminds me of an old lady name.
Go figure.

Image from here

Sorry if I offended any "Myrtles" out there.
Age is just a number, and my skin is getting crepier every year!