Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Folk Magazine 2013 Journal Challenge: American Ingenuity

This week's journal challenge prompt is:  How do you perceive American ingenuity?  Where do you see American ingenuity thriving today?

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What a great question!  (or two)  American ingenuity is the heart of our nation's productivity and prosperity!  Without it there would be no light bulb, no computer, no car, no Post-it notes.  And where would we be without Post-it notes? 

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American ingenuity is the imagination of the inventor, the innovator, the person who seeks to find a better way to do something, to produce something, to make something easier.

Where do I see it thriving today?  Take a look at these photos. . .

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A cross made from old bedsprings!

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A table from old shutters!

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A pot rack from a bicycle wheel!

And the mother of all websites devoted to American ingenuity at its best:  Pinterest!  Where do I see American ingenuity thriving today?

Am I right, or am I right?