Wednesday, January 16, 2013

CHEAP WEDDING WEDNESDAY: Make that Wedded Life Wednesday!

I'm not chief wedding planner any more, and I don't plan to be in the near future, so I am changing Cheap Wedding Wednesday to Wedded Life Wednesday.  Hubby and I just celebrated our 33rd---yes, 33!--wedding anniversary, so I thought I might make some observations about wedded life, a.k.a. wedded bliss.

I don't like that phrase actually, because it implies that a "happily ever after" life is guaranteed after the wedding ceremony.  So much effort and planning is put into the wedding itself, and very little is said about the marriage/day-to-day life that follows.

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I think many newlyweds expect the euphoria of the wedding day and the first few weeks to last a lifetime.  Soon the drudgery of daily work and chores and family obligations sets in and married life can begin to lose its luster.

How do people keep the glow from fading?  How have hubby and I managed to stick it out for 33 years?  From our experience, and it hasn't been all romance and roses for either of us, and also from watching my own children in their new marriages, I have learned a few things.

I'll start with this:  keep some mystery in your marriage.  How?  How about NOT telling each other every little detail about every little thing in your daily life?  Yes, you should communicate, but can you not keep the door closed when you are using the toilet?  Maintaining respect for each other is at the heart of the matter.  Keep your dignity and your personal body processes private.

Stay tuned. . .