Sunday, June 3, 2012

Backyard junky fun. . .

A recent stay in the hospital for surgery brought to my door a beautiful yellow lantana 

sent from my baby sister.   Unfortunately, I was unable to do much with it at the time, so it sat in its pot for 

almost three weeks before my mother had pity on it and had me "help" her put it in the ground today.  

Lantana, by the way, is one of the best all round flowering plants for our sunbaked corner of Texas.  

I have had these beautiful flowers around my mailbox for years, totally neglecting them, and they keep 

coming back year after year, even after last year's record drought.

My mother and I decided on a back corner of my backyard for this lantana's new home, but since I have 

three dogs who have free run of the yard, we needed to come up with some way to keep my male Boston 

terrier from "anointing" it while on his daily rounds.  My parents are always complaining about the junk that 

fills several sheds on their property, so I wondered if they might be willing to part with some old bicycle tire 

rims.  Of course, they were.  Here is what we did--or rather, what she did while I stood by with 

encouragement!  It will look better once the grass fills in around it.  Can you see the small rim in the back?