Sunday, November 10, 2019

More from the Moseley house

Being a second grader in the 60's left quite an impression on me.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Winters were cold back then. We wore coats with fur-trimmed hoods and by the end of the season the fur would be matted and dirty. Yet the coat was passed on to a younger sibling.  Some years the coat had come secondhand in a big box from our cousins.

  • My parents would close off certain rooms in the house to keep from having to heat them. Heat came from propane heaters, usually a big Dearborn in the living room. There's nothing quite like backing up to a heater like that after coming in from the cold.

  • My first grade teacher came to the house and sold us a set of World Book Encyclopedias which my parents still have. The collection of yearbooks grew bigger than the original set. My parents didn't have much money but they made sure we had the tools for a good educational foundation. The set of Childcraft books that came with the encyclopedias provided hours and hours of reading for me and my siblings. I still have the set. The "Make and Do" volume was my favorite.  I thought it so strange that my teacher would come to my house, but I'm glad she did!

  • We had a fireplace in that house, which was a novelty for us kids. Once there was a bird in it.  I don't remember what my parents did about that.
  • I also saw the TV animated special "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" for the first time in that house.  I was captivated by it. For us kids, those animated figures were the height of modern technology, a marvel.  We didn't have animated shows available to us everyday like kids do today.

As I write this, more memories come flooding in. Do these memories spark special ones for you?  Stay tuned for more from the Moseley house.


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Sunday, November 3, 2019

You Can't Stay in my Little White Camper (with apologies to Miranda Lambert)

Ray Roberts Lake at sunset

Recently I had the opportunity to camp at Ray Roberts Lake State Park.  A beautiful Texas state park, the campground is kept as natural as possible with wildlife wandering around, unafraid of park visitors.  I was enjoying my morning coffee at the picnic table when someone drove by and glanced at my camper. I also noticed other visitors walking by and stealing glances at my campsite where Miss Millie was parked.  One of my favorite songs by Miranda Lambert popped into my head and I decided to adapt it a bit. (My apologies, Miranda!)

You only like me for my vintage camper
And my ability to tow her
I live in hot East Texas
You said you'll go camping and I'll see you there
Go ahead and buy that trailer and let's go where
But guess what?

You can't stay in my little white camper
The table won't fold down and the bed is just for one
You can't roll to this glamping swagger.
You know it ain't my fault when I pass
And jaws drop.
It's like ooh, ahh. . .

Oh, heaven help me,
I've been traveling all over the place
And staying by myself
But that's just who I be
And you're just trying to slow this camping roll
But I'm onto you, baby
So guess what?

You can't stay in my little white camper
The table won't fold down and the bed is just for one
No, you can't roll to this glamping swagger.
You know it ain't my fault when I pass and jaws drop.
Ooh, ahh. . .

You only love me for my little white camper
And my camper tee shirts
I live in hot East Texas
And I've got dyed blonde hair
And I carry a pistol and I go on the road
And I do all the stuff you want to do.
And my dog stays home.
And I ain't about drama, y'all.
I love my camping friends
And I ain't your mama!

So guess what?
You can get your own little white camper
The table might fold down and the bed can be for two.
Yes, you could roll to this glamping swagger.
You know it won't be our fault when we pass 
And jaws drop.
Ooh, ahh, ooh, ahh. . .

(Lyrics adapted from the song "Little Red Wagon" by Miranda Lambert.)

How about you?  Would you like to stay in a little white camper?


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